Stage your home like a Pro:

How I sold my home in 4 days 

Here’s what.  You are not just selling a home, you are selling a lifestyle.  You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.  So play up that experience in the way you stage your home.

1.  Clear the clutter
Show them all the ways that they can finally be organized!  That’s what we all want right? Everything in it’s place. Do this and then some.  Have a garage sale, throw stuff away, donate.  Get rid of all the extra.  You will thank yourself later when you are packing. And then get rid of some more.  If you can’t part with it, rent a storage unit and stash all those Christmas, and seasonal items that are taking up space and looking like clutter.
Does my closet look like this on the regular? Heck no!  But for the purposes of real estate photos and an open house, I packed away 80% of our clothes.  I organized my dresses by color, put out pretty handbags, styled my jewelry and put out crisp shopping bags.  
I did this for every closet! My pantry, the playroom closet, kids closet.  It was all close to Pinterest worthy, I wish I had the photos to show you.  
But seriously if it’s not stored away in the storage unit you rented, make it look organized.  Put toys in matching baskets or bins.  Organize the closets and pantry.  If you need inspiration and are beyond amazing.  
I know this was a winning touch in the ultimate quick sale of our house. You don’t have to go crazy but spend a little time making some room in those closets.   
Make your potential buyer feel like they could finally be organized in a house like yours!
2. Reinvent your space.  
We have this great loft space upstairs and as a family with 4 small children, it functioned well as a playroom.  But, as our realtors explained, we did not want to “typecast” our home as a family home (we live in a place where there are a lot of retirees) so we wanted buyers to see the potential in this flex space.  Side note, get rid of your crazy colors!  This green paint? Yikes! Keep it neutral.

It’s still a playroom but that’s not the main focus. 
Now a buyer could see this space as a media room if they didn’t have small children.

3.  Style it Up!
What would a magazine stylist do? Bring in some props!
And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Put out some fresh fruit and flowers, set out some coffee cups. Again, my laundry room/mudroom never looks like this.  It’s usually full of back packs, coats and muddy shoes.  But I styled it up.   Put pretty laundry detergent on a tray.  Set out some brand new white towels.  Hang up a pretty bag and a sun hat.  
Because…. that’s right we’re selling the experience.  The person that lives here, loves doing laundry in this pretty room and look at all those hooks and bins! We’d be so organized if we lived here.

Here’s an example from a mini staging that I did for a vacant home that was getting it’s picture taken.

Fresh flowers, a cookbook on the counter, a pretty pot on the stove.  It goes a long way!

Andrea Wojciak - Interior Designer - Prescott, AZ
Intentional Living: The idea that your home should reflect the things you love,
function well and convey beauty and personal style”
-Andrea Wojciak